Industrial Design

Pill Organization — Reimagined

The pill organizer is a critical part of a healthy daily routine for many. While functional, the long box segmented into 7 compartments with letters determining the day of the week is stagnant and, frankly, ugly. But, our client believed there was a way to take care of yourself while looking and feeling damn good doing it.

A whole new accessory

We didn’t simply tick the boxes for approval. We brought our client’s vision to life and improved its design and functionality, collaboratively. To turn this forgotten utility into a recognizable accessory, we worked closely with our client to rethink the look and feel in every moment of interaction with Nokabox. If you know someone who needs one, they're now available at Touch of Modern, StyleBlueprint, The Grommet, and Brookstone.

Details that disappear

There are two sizes of organizers, each with a sleek look that’s easy to hold and truly feels good in your hands. The drawers inside are entirely removable so you can flip one over in your hand without the threat of spilling other pills. Examine the drawer closely, and you’ll see how we used mold textures to make the logo pop in the bottom of each drawer. When you insert the drawer again, a system of magnets holds each drawer in one of two positions: ready to use at the edge or safely tucked inside. To refill all the compartments, the entire lid opens from it’s magnetic closure to easily fill all of the drawers at once. Available in various colors with a blend of fabric and leather textures, there’s a Nokabox for anyone’s style.

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