Industrial Design

Down the Drain

Bars are at risk to lose 20% or more of their inventory without knowing exactly where the inventory went — for bar owners, it might as well be down the drain. Our client created a software to solve this problem, but they needed a smart scale that could perform with the software. 

IoT Smart Scale

The scale that our engineers developed measures the weight of liquor bottles between each pour and analyzes the data. Our scale then compares that data against sales and staff scheduling information to track — and ultimately prevent — inventory loss.

Adaptable & Reliable

The scale uses a single bar-type load sensor for measurements, which allowed us to keep the overall product diameter small enough to blend among bar decor.

We chose a wired connection that could daisy chain many scales together to eliminate the need for batteries and to avoid interfacing with 100s of Bluetooth signals.

The recessed bottom design with multiple cable slots allows the installer to adjust cable length and exit angle, making for a wide variety of patterns and layouts. We chose to use the 3.5mm jack, which is traditionally used for audio. Its affordable, waterproof connectors rotate freely so users can configure the devices in any orientation they choose. 

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