MODL Bottle

Industrial Design

More than a water bottle

Water bottle designs are abundant, yet many of them share the same problems: they waste space when empty, they're hard to clean, don't offer filtration or cleaning, and generally serve one purpose - drinking. The MODL team envisioned a bottle with various attachments called mods that would turn the water bottle into a hydration tool.

Invention + Execution

The MODL team had already done a lot of work before reaching out to Ovyl. They came to us with a clear vision of the product and accessories, which didn't require much invention on our end — but they needed some help developing certain aspects of the product. We consulted with their team on an ongoing basis, ruling out some manufacturing methods for various parts and helping to define drawings, tolerances, and other details for their manufacturer. The end result is an amazing multi-tool water bottle that, as of the time of writing, has a 4.8 star review from their customers.

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