IoT Cosmetics Mixer

Industrial Design

Beauty by anyone

There are several barriers to choosing makeup. It’s expensive, colors and tones are hard to match, and needs change nearly every day. The Blee team had a unique solution — but they needed a design that would be as attractive as it was functional. Ovyl developed an elegant and playful aesthetic for the device, cartridges, and bottles that you can imagine among the shelves of makeup in a department store, and built a looks-like prototype for their team to use for development and fundraising.

High-end design in and out

We've yet to show it to someone who didn't like it, which speaks to the product’s appeal to a mass consumer base. There are multiple aesthetic options, which were designed in collaboration with Blee, and we worked closely with their team to choose and finalize a direction.

But the details aren't just skin deep. We designed a push-pull cartridge system that is easy and intuitive to use, without spilling any of the pigment inside. We also created a one-of-a-kind dispensing head with the latest technology, and developed a no-mess mixing technique.

In the end, we produced a beautiful, functional, product at a great price that perfectly matched the aesthetic and functionality that Blee sought to achieve.

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