50 Custom Icons for Onshape

Custom Features Need Icons

We use Onshape as our main CAD system here at Ovyl for lots of reasons. One thing I love about Onshape is the ability to write my own custom CAD features, like a smarter fillet tool, or an attractor-based patterning system. I also love to use the many other awesome features from the community. One issue that a custom feature collector, like myself, will experience is a whole lot of indistinct icons of the custom feature's acronym. It looks like this.

Onshape feature tree without custom icons

This isn't surprising, since most of the people who have the skills to write the code needed to produce the best features aren't the same people who have the skills or compulsion to make compelling icons for their features. Nonetheless, as a feature hoarder, this has bothered me, and as a designer, I thought I might be especially equipped to help fix it.

50 Custom Icons for Onshape

Without knowing a good way to contact each creator individually, I just made a list of my personal favorite features, and started making icons. Once I had a decent number done, I posted them in the Onshape forum and let people come and claim them. Most of them were eventually adopted by the creators of the feature. I've since received requests for other people's favorites, some of which I've been able to accommodate.

In the end I made 50 or so icons and now my feature trees (and hopefully many others) look much better for it.

Onshape feature tree with custom icons

Do you have a favorite feature that needs an icon? Let me know. No promises, but let me know.

Here's a link to the Onshape document that hosts the ones I did for other features.

Evan Reese
May 26, 2021
Evan Reese
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