Whiteboard Session

Whiteboard Sessions are a type of workshop we run at Ovyl internally to solve all kinds of design problems for clients. We've started running these workshops for clients as well, helping them solve higher-level business and design problems with the same strategy that works so well for us. Curious to learn more? Read on.

Why should I try it?

WB Sessions are designed to maximize discovery and creativity for our organization, and they'll work just as well for yours. We've hosted them for startups and multi-billion dollar corporations alike. Here are a few things we've used them for in the past:
To get Ahead
We helped an ambitious corporation stuck in a stagnant industry to think outside the box and generate tons of high quality ideas for their 5 year product pipeline. Then we narrowed ideas down to 13 prioritized categories with actionable next steps.
To get Unstuck
An in-house design team came to us with a multitude of products they wanted to develop. Through a single wb session we discovered that the multitude of problems could be solved with one core product offering with a few clever features that we could quickly prototype.
To get Inspired
Sometimes you've just been staring at the same problem inside the same four walls for too long. You're more than capable of progressing, you just need a little inspiration, and a single wb session will more than unlock your potential to revisit an old problem with a new perspective.
If you're interested in give us a shot, just fill out the form below to talk to a partner about booking a whiteboard session.
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• What about my IP, can we sign an NDA?
Yes, we will sign our mutual NDA before the session to encourage open discussion. We may need to execute one before our call, though we don't typically require it.
• How much does this usually cost?
WB Sessions start at $750 for a 1 hour session, but are often paired with follow up deliverables that can far exceed that price. These sessions will be customized, but do not already include any additional deliverables.
• Can I do this myself?
Well sure, give it a shot! Practically speaking, though, there are a few reasons you may run into trouble. For example, until you have your reps in it can be pretty difficult to facilitate and contribute at the same time.
• I need help now. How soon can we get started?
If you need help immediately, give us a call at 615-930-1206 and we'll jump on a call to discuss your needs and schedule a session.