iOS Engineer

Ready to develop iOS applications that interface with hardware and solve complex problems? Click here.
This position is

About you

You are compulsive about learning new things, even if you’re not sure when you can use the knowledge. You pride yourself on being a good question-asker which helps you to refine vague instructions until you have a clear direction. To you, making things and solving problems is the most fun you could have at work, and that’s why you are reading this now.

In this role, you will

  • Develop beautiful mobile applications that you are proud to show off
  • Write clean, tested, well architected code
  • Make clients happy by understanding them, solving their problems, and keeping them engaged.
  • Identify constraints and risks on project objectives related to technical, cost, and schedule limitations.
  • Provide guidance on design and user experience as would be the best fit for the iOS/macOS look and feel
  • Work collaboratively as part of a team with diverse skills.
  • Become a master of your craft


  • Must live in Nashville, TN or be willing to relocate.
  • At least 2 years of experience developing iOS applications in Swift
  • Experience publishing an app to the store - working with certificates, the Human Interface Guidelines, and the review process
  • Strong understanding of the Apple ecosystem
  • Experience with UIKit, Core Data, Foundation, and XCTest
  • Experience interacting/consuming API services
  • Passion for writing clean, quality code
  • An eye for design and user experience
  • Bonus - experience with build automation with Fastlane
  • Super Bonus - experience with Android development

Compensation, Benefits, & Perks

All full time employees at Ovyl get the following benefits:

  1. Salary: Salary is negotiable depending on what you bring to the table, most applicants can expect a range of $70k-$100k
  2. Health Insurance: Ovyl covers 100% of your health insurance premium. You pay the difference for a spouse and/or dependents.
  3. Dental, Vision, HSA: Ovyl offers these plans but does not contribute to their premiums.
  4. 401k + matching: Ovyl contributes 3% no matter what, by default you contribute an additional 6% (you may change this).
  5. Flexible schedules & WFH: Ovyl supplies a new Mac to use for your work and you’ll get to enjoy the flexibility that we love so much about being self-employed. Want to work from home 2 days a week? Do it. Is it too perfect to be inside on a Tuesday? Work Saturday instead.
  6. Unlimited paid time off: We’re not counting vacation days and sick days, we’re just looking at your work. We strongly encourage a minimum of two weeks vacation plus sick and personal days but if you’re meeting deadlines, keeping projects on track, and making clients happy, we’re flexible on everything else.
  7. Company events: We take a day off work a few times a year to have fun, hang out, and get to know each other. You're part of the Ovyl Fam.
  8. Maker Reimbursement: We want to employ people that freaking love to make stuff, so we’ll reimburse up to $50/month of any personal project spending. Put it toward building a new headboard for your bed, or buying a really nice hot-glue gun, or getting an Arduino kit and figuring out how to automate your herb garden.
  9. Access to 3D printers for personal use: If the printers aren’t needed for a project, have at ‘em. If it’s something small, it probably ok to just print it. If it’s something big or a mini production run, we may ask that you bring your own material.
  10. Stocked fridge and snacks: We’ll stay stocked up on healthy snacks, carbonated water, coffee, tea, and beer.
  11. Join Nashville’s best product dev consultancy: You’ll get to learn new skills working alongside a great team on a wide variety of products, from medical devices that save lives to consumer products that light up a Kickstarter campaign.‍

To be considered for a position, applicants should upload a cover letter, resume, and portfolio with their application at the link below

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