Rapid PPE Design: Part I

Mask Design

Our goals in this design were:

  1. Make a highly effective mask
  2. Make it easy and quick for others to make
  3. Make it reasonably comfortable
  4. Use the least number of custom parts
  5. Use the widest variety of off the shelf parts

Key features of the mask are:

  • it prints in under 3 hours and has 1 printed part
  • nose cone features common filter material like air filters or vacuum bags
  • hose clamp is best but can also use zip-ties or rubber bands
  • foam liner makes it comfortable

Mask Images

Side View
  • filter material fits over nose cone
  • held down by hose clamp (makes it easy to swap)
  • we're experimenting with putting the filter inside and making it easier to swap"

Inside/Back View

  • foam liner hot glued in for comfort
  • we used an FDA approved silicone foam we had lying around - we realize most folks won't have that. Almost any foam will do.


Please email ppe@fractalmade.com if you'd like to get your hands on a mask or if you have feedback about how we could improve the design.

Sep 21, 2020
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